Brick Art Design and Mr. Brick ("Bill Martin") have helped many people realize their dreams. Whether you are interested in a new, custom brick home design, a basic or extensive exterior makeover, a signature fireplace design or renovation, or a brick or stone patio, Brick Art Design can help. Consultant and Designer Bill Martin will show you the benefits of brick, help you develop your ideas, save you time and money, get you into your dream home.

This is what a few of Mr. Martin's customers have to say about his brick and stone design abilities:

"Thanks Bill for all your hard work, inside and outside our home.  It's beautiful.  I wouldn't change anything.  The brick colors are wonderful!  Gail"

"Dear Mr. Brick, just want to thank you for your help in planning our new home in Reedsburg, Wisconsin.  The home turned out beautiful and we love the brick.  Working with our Mason to make sure all the details were right was critical.  All the coordinating colors look absolutely beautiful with the brick.  We did not expect all the time and help you gave us.  We were very pleased with your assistance in making the brick selections and helping us invision what our new home would look like. It was a pleasure doing business with you and we appreciate your help.  Thanks again, Rev. Kenneth W. West"

"Dear Bill, thank you for all the help you gave Rene and me.  You really went over and above what any other company would have done.  You are truly professional and I will always recommend you.  Sincerely Jan and  Rene"

"Bill,  we are all so pleased with the brick entry sign.  You kept saying just trust me, glad we did.  The sign is really impressive.  Thanks a lot for all your help.  Bernice and Lew"

"Dear Mr. Martin, thank you for your gracious advice.  Your insight into the building design process will have an important influence on our residence project.  Door County,  Sincerely, Irving"

"Bill,  we consider you a truly creative and innovative professional.  You have really elevated our office project to an "award winning" level.  Thank you  Jim and LeeAnn"

"Dear Bill: Just want to thank you for all your help in planning our new home in Reedsburg, WI. The home is now nearing completion and [...we...] will be moving in. The home turned out beautifully and we live the brick very much, and especially with all the detail that you helped us with for our mason down here. All the other coordinating colors look absolutely beautiful with the brick. ...We were not expecting all the time and help you gave us, but seeing other homes in Green Bay certainly helped in making brick selection and knowing what our new home would look like. It was always a pleasure dong business with you and always appreciated your help. Again, thanks! Sincerely, Rev. Kenneth W. West.

If you need assistance with brick home or fireplace design, Brick Art Design and William Martin can help you with home design, brick and stone ideas, colors, style and cost. 

Created By: Ashley DeJardin 2013