Stone Solutions

Building with stone gives your signature home and custom fireplace a beautiful, unique look that you will cherish and your neighbors will envy. Stone construction provides long-lasting aesthetic and practical benefits at affordable prices. Using full or thin cut stones, Brick Art Design will help you design your new home, exterior makeover, or fireplace.

With our partners, we will help you plan your solution and realize your dreams - just like we did for the owners of this beautiful home in Michigan. As stone construction design experts, we will help you choose the right materials and save you money on materials and construction costs.

Contact Brick Art Design to discuss your plans and how we can help.

Partnered with Sunrise Stone, LLC

Brick Art Design has the ability to help you integrate stone solutions into your home or fireplace design plans. Stone is versatile, strong and comes in a variety of styles, colors, sizes and shapes. Choices include full or thin cut stone, natural stone, fieldstone, veneer and many others. Custom or pre-cut stones are available and can be easily installed. With stone, the possibilities are endless.

Contact us with your plans, and if you need brick and stone ideas, we have those too!

Created By: Ashley DeJardin 2013