Signature Fireplaces

Since the dawn of time, people have had a passion for fire. It is our basic need for light, warmth and security that draws us to it. Man learned to control fire early on. Today, fireplaces are the center of the home, cooking, social gatherings and more.

Fireplaces express an individual’s style. You can add romance intimacy, beauty and warmth to any room in your home. Whether it's a bathroom bedroom, den or kitchen, new technology allow us to put a custom deigned stone or brick fireplace just about anywhere you please.

Fireplace Basics First learn the basics of how a fireplace works, the different types of fireplaces such as masonry, pre-built, zero-clearance and inserts and the different types of styles they come in.Finding the right fireplace Classic Styles ... innovative inserts/fireplace art Types of Fireplaces – Masonry, Prebuilt, Free Standing, Alternative Fuel Fireplaces can be made from many materials, Stone, Brick, Marble, or man made materials.

We are expert fireplace design consultants - contact us for assistance with your fireplace design process. Before you choose a design, answer a few basic questions.

•Functionality, what functions will your fireplace serve? Is it the main source of heat? Will it heat the area intended?

•Size, will the fireplace design fit in the available space?

•Builder's Requirement, what was bid into your construction plan and do you have the option to modify the concept?

•Planning, do you want wood burning or gas?

•Fireplaces can be made from many materials, Stone, Brick, Marble, or man made materials which do you prefer

Created By: Ashley DeJardin 2013