Exterior Makeovers

Updating the exterior of your home will enhance its curb appeal and increase your value. Our creative Design Services will provide you with options for updating your home at an affordable price. 

Face Lifting and Make-Overs on Fireplace and Home can be achieved today by using light weight materials and placing it over the existing area. For example, a fireplace with discoloration and fading can easily be covered without removing the old materials giving you a brand new look! Fireplace makeovers will normally be less costly than home makeovers, especially if home needs all areas worked on. The facelifts on existing structures will vary due to the amount of need to upgrade the look.

This fee will start at approximately $75 and up. Make-overs (Interior & Exterior) will be accompanied by sketches and finished drawings and will be furnished with interiors costing $25 and up. Exteriors may also include a pictorial or drawing to pre-estimate cost of face lift or make over. Unique design for fireplaces are available up request. Unique Exterior designs can be furnished in many different styles such as French Country, Olde World, Southwest, etc…These are our Signature Designs and are also available upon request. Due to the restoration and renovation of the structures, we will be offering numerous lightweight materials in natural brick and stone or man-made brick and stone for consideration.

Created By: Ashley DeJardin 2013