Dream Home Design

If you are looking to build the perfect new home but don't know where to start...

Then this custom brick home design plan package will save you time, headaches, and money!

Brick Art Designer's Dream Home Specs Brick Art Design’s Home Masterpiece

When designing your dream home, many questions need to be answered:

What features and colors should your new home have?

What is the most practical layout?

What are the best materials to use?

Will the structural materials last?

How much space is enough - or too much - for your family?

How will your home work for you when you retire?

Or maybe you are retired and are looking for just right design, and just the right size? When is it enough?

This gorgeous, 2155 sq.ft. dream home by Brick Art Design has answered these questions for you. Experience all of your home dreams and needs in this designer brick home masterpiece!

Your Castle - Your Home

This is a well thought out and designed home that is neither too large nor too small. It is just right size.

At only $79.50 (+ s&h) you cannot go wrong. This Dream Home Plan Package Includes:

 •Interior Floor Plan Layout - to scale

•Approximate Materials List (varies by region)

•Elevated Structure Color Design Plans, AND

•One Free Hour of Home Design Consultation

On top of that, your expert brick and stone home designer at Brick Art Design will work with you (upon request * ) to customize any changes that you desire in the layout, materials, color, and other features.

View our Signature Homes and Home Plan Variations pages, and browse our website, for more brick & stone ideas and fireplace designs.

Contact "Mr. Brick" at Brick Art Design to Order Your Dream Home Package!

A Beautiful Home With Features That You Will Love

Dream House Plan Rear Elevation View This custom designed brick home is 2155 square feet of well-planned, efficient living space. The unique design plan includes 3 bedrooms (or an office option), a large kitchen and family room, fireplace, patio and many more features. It can also be build with or without a full or partial basement.

Specially designed by brick design expert William Martin, this custom brick home plan is large enough to accommodate the needs of most couples and families. Yet, it is small enough so that your money and space is not wasted on unnecessary items and areas like many “McMansions”.

Structural materials can include stone, traditional or handmade brick, thin veneer, or a combination. Brick can be laid traditional or, for a truly unique look, laid bed side out.

With this Dream Home Plan, you can experience the look and strength of a custom brick or stone home.

If you desire, Brick Art Design can help you with color, design and material variations, additional customizations, and builder consultations*.

Get started with your Dream Home Package right now: Contact Mr. Brick at Brick Art Design for your Dream Home Plan!

*Shipping & handling is additional and estimated at $10-$12. Plan variations & design consulting beyond the 1 free hour included in this Dream Home Plan Package are extra - see the Brick Art Design Services page for design service details and pricing.

Created By: Ashley DeJardin 2013