Clay Paver Maintenance

Clay pavers require no special maintenance as natural weathering keeps most clay paving systems clean and beautiful. We suggest using a stiff application brush and a normal pressured garden hose. When using any type of cleaner, always test on a small hidden portion of the pavement. Vanatrol or 202V Vana-stop or an equivalent product should be used to clean all light colored and brown pavers. DO NOT USE MURIATIC ACID.


Clay pavers color is permanent. sealers are not necessary for long term durability or color retention. If a sealer is used, it should be a breathable sealer like siloxane.

Moss and Weeds The existence of moss is an indication of poor drainage (in a shaded area) as the saturation of water creates an ideal environment for growth. The best solution is to keep the area dry by improving drainage or elevation , although these remedies may not be practical. For moss and organic removal, a three-to-one solution of water and chlorine bleach is recommended or a one to one dilution in sever cases.

Weed growth in flexible base paving systems is comer in lower traffic areas. Contrary to popular belief, growth takes place in the sand joint and not from underneath the pavers. Weed killers such as Round Up will handle existing growth while a pre-emergent weed killer can be used in the spring as a prevention measure.

Snow Removal and De-Icing

Snow and ice can be removed with normal hand equipment or motorized vehicles. Snow plow blades should be equipped with a rubber edge and set at ¼” above the equipment. Rotary brushed and snow blowers can also be used. The use of rock salts are not recommended for snow and ice removal because of the possibility of efflorescence forming from residue.

Created By: Ashley DeJardin 2013