Brick Bedside Out

Lay Brick Bedside Out - Save Costs; Create Charm 

To create an Olde European look for your custom brick home, fireplace, patio or walkway, install handmade brick bedside out on the wall using a 5/8" joint gloving and brushing. By laying material bedside out, it cuts labor and material cost by 1/3.

PWG 21 Garden Wall & Pillary Handmade Brick Bed Side Out One of the most unique ways to lay brick

is bedside out. It will create an Olde World charm and romance to your home. It also will significantly

reduce the cost of a custom, signature brick home.

                                                 Bedside Out Sketch Handmade Brick can also be used for paving stoops or patios and creating

                                              landscaping walkways, dividers and walls.


Notes On Hand Made Brick from Mr. Brick (Bill Martin - the designer):

"Handmade Brick is back, only with a new method of use. Just why the rebirth of an old product? After many years in the business of selling face brick and building materials, I found that on homes and fireplaces I could use Handmade Brick bedside out and creat a Eurpoean style that had been lost for years in the market. After an extended stay in Europe, I was able to expand my ideas with the use of color as well as size. Being able to use the bedside out and conventional methods of brick laying have opened up a whole world of new design. These unique methods I have been working on for over 15 years have changed residential and commercial market design."

Custom Brick Home with Landscaping Porch & Patio Using Handmade Brick Bedside Out RV Limestone MM w Accent GG Avignon HMOS Looking to create some Olde World charm in your home and trim costs? Use handmade brick bedside out with stone!

Let Brick Art Design help you attain your dream brick home, fireplace, or landscaping!

Created By: Ashley DeJardin 2013